Welcome future #berlinlegend!

Are you ready to fill the streets of Berlin with joy?

We are more than ready! Ready to feel goosebumps again as more than 45,000 participants get closer to the goal on their individual Road 2 Berlin Legend. The goal that unites us all: to become a #berlinlegend at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

On your way to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON you are not alone - the running community is huge. Get to know some of our participants and network with like-minded people worldwide: www.bmw-berlin-marathon.com/dein-rennen/be-a-berlin-legend

Running is a constant that connects, motivates and makes us mentally and physically stronger. Nothing in the world can take that away from us and this year we are giving back everything this sport gives us. The JOY we feel when we cover yard after yard and leave our limits behind.

That's what we run for - RUN FOR JOY.