Joy of Higher Power

You have a long training run ahead of you, your legs are heavy and your motivation tends towards zero. But then you start your playlist and the bass shoots through your ears into your veins and lets the adrenaline flow through your body. 

You are back on track.

Music has a power you can hardly imagine. It motivates, drives forward and lets us float on a wave. At our next STOP FOR JOY on our Road 2 Berlin Legend, we're turning up the volume. 

Tell us which song in your running playlist is guaranteed to always motivate you and push you beyond the limits and place your song on the JOY OF 42 playlist.

You have the opportunity to submit your favorite running track from August 15 - 27. All you have to do is enter the song and artist in the form. From all suggestions we will create a playlist for you, your running playlist. The most mentioned track will be on place 1 of the running charts.

So keep checking the RUN FOR JOY page to see which songs are the most popular in the joint JOY CLOUD.

We look forward to your submission!