Joy of Performance

It's September! We are finally in the race month and it is only a few days until the 48th BMW BERLIN MARATHON! High time for the next stop of our Road 2 Berlin Legend.

This time we take a closer look at small tips & tricks with a big impact - perfect for the final touches before your big JOYMOMENT.

Because running is much more than just exercise. We all train running technique, endurance and speed and invest our heart and soul in the competition. Other factors are sometimes forgotten: for optimal performance, you should also consider weather conditions and aerodynamics.

At JOY OF PERFORMANCE, we get to the bottom of precisely these aspects and venture into the wind tunnel. While the automotive industry has been optimizing the aerodynamics of its vehicles in high-tech facilities for decades, the running elite is also taking advantage of the wind tunnel. Here, the advantages of running in the slipstream or the optimal formation of pacemakers can be impressively measured and evaluated.

With a group of runners we start on a very special running track. Philipp Pflieger will give valuable tips on how to optimize running performance in slipstream - in the wind tunnel, the group can try out these tips right away and feel the positive effects directly.

You want to get the best aerodynamic performance for your run? Then you now have the chance to experience a priceless JOYMOMENT over the entire 42.195 kilometers:

Together with BMW we are giving away a personal pacemaker for this year's BMW BERLIN MARATHON. You can design the outfit according to your own wishes. Whether with greetings or a motivational message on the shirt - your pacemaker will accompany you to the finish line in your personal desired time.


Impressions from our production at the wind tunnel.

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