Runninggirl.Joyce is up for the challenge of completing the 42.195 km through Berlin? For this all runners need not only training and a strong will, but also good supporters around them. That's why we have come up with something very special for the runners of the 47th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON together with our partner BMW: the JOYBOX. This is a personal, digital inbox where you can upload motivational greetings for Runninggirl.Joyce in the form of video, picture or voice messages and thus cheer Runninggirl.Joyce on shortly before the race. The JOYBOX opens only for Runninggirl.Joyce on the Thursday before the marathon to surprise Runninggirl.Joyce with a concentrated load of joy and motivation.

You think that's a good thing? So do we! So prepare the right words, feel your way to the edge of the course and then give your all in your message for Runninggirl.Joyce .

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