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Our Stops of Joy

Join us on the Road 2 Berlin Legend and make a stop at our various STOPS OF JOY.

The road leads us to JOY OF DYNAMIC, where pro Philipp Pflieger takes us for a 5D running analysis and we get valuable tips on how to stay dynamic and mobile. Test your skills with the new AR Filter and win a running analysis for you and your running buddy.

Your ups & downs on the Road 2 Berlin Legend will be musically supported by another JOYMOMENT - JOY OF HIGHER POWER is your turn! Share your motivation tracks with the community and end up in the JOY OF 42 playlist. To add a pitch to your rhythm and drive, RUN FOR JOY sends you to Coldplay where you can experience the pure power of music.

How much does running in the slipstream actually matter and does such a pacemaker really make a difference?

We will answer these questions at our third stop - THE JOY OF PERFORMANCE. Find out exclusively with Philipp Pflieger in the BMW wind tunnel how important aerodynamics is not only for fast cars but also for runners on the track. Win your personal pacemaker for the race, who will offer you slipstream on your 42km.

The Road 2 Berlin Legend takes us to the highlight of the year, the BMW BERLIN MARATHON. There you can expect pure emotions not only in your personal JOYBOX. In a recap clip, we revive the complete journey, show the JOYMOMENTS 2022 and maybe you will see yourself?

You should stop when it's at its best?! With DON'T STOP THE JOY OF SPEED we go one step further and set a mark for everything that is yet to come. Run with Philipp Pflieger on an official BMW test track behind the 2022 lead car and set your goal for the coming year.

Join RUN FOR JOY to experience what it means to be part of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON and become a #berlinlegend. Also follow us on our social media channels @berlinmarathon and don't miss any of our JOYMOMENTS.